Drive your own dog team over the Finnmarksvidda


Drive your own dog team over the Finnmarksvidda Mountain Plateau 2th - 6th April

5 days / 4 nights

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you feel this is something you want to experience or perhaps you have experienced dog sledding before and are now ready for a longer trip.

Some people will find this trip more like a short expedition. It can be challenging to be on a trek of several days’ duration, during which most of the time is spent on a dog sled in all types of weather, from sunny and calm conditions through to wind, a snowstorm and freezing cold conditions. April is a month with lots of sun and stable weather. The days become increasingly longer and it never gets dark.

We stay overnight in mountain lodges, where we eat dinner and breakfast. We enjoy lunches outside around an open fire.

Preparations are made so that as a participant you will participate in the care of the dogs and feeding them in the morning and evening.

The trip starts and ends at the kennel at Northern Lights Husky, if snow conditions permit.

All participants drive their “own dog team” with 4 – 6 dogs in front of the sled. There is space in the sled for your bag containing your personal gear and also for some common gear.

Please refer to the tour programme, equipment list and our guarantee.

The tour price includes: hire of warm thermal suit, winter boots and mittens, accommodation, meals, sled, dogs and guide, as outlined in the tour programme.

The tour price excludes: flights, pre and post tour accommodation and meals, and any alcoholic beverages.

We can arrange pre and post tour accommodation in unique conditions close to Northern Lights Husky. Please contact us for further information and a quote.

Group size: minimum 3, maximum 8 guests

Price per guest: NOK 13 500 (one person per sled)

We wish you a warm welcome!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, by e-mail or phone +47 78 40 30 40

Northern Lights Husky

Trine K. Lyrek


Tour programme:

Day 1:

You will be picked up at your accommodation at 9am. If you made use of our accommodation option, it is just a short stroll after breakfast to the kennel where our eager Alaskan huskies are waiting.

After we have briefed you on all the safety routines and provided brief instructions, we are ready to pack the sleds and harness the dogs.

On the first part of the trip, we spend a lot of time ascending towards the Finnmarksvidda Mountain Plain and our first mountain lodge, Jotka Fjellstue. We make a stop en route and enjoy lunch outside around an open fire.

On arrival at the mountain lodge, we attend to the dogs first. We stable them on long chains and give them a small snack as a reward for today’s trip. A bit later it is time to serve them their dinner before we enjoy our dinner and relax after today’s leg.

There is time for a chat and a few stories before going to bed.


Day 2:

After the dogs have had their breakfast, it’s time for our breakfast. We prepare a packed lunch and fill our thermoses before we get the sleds and dogs ready. Today’s leg is just over 30 km in mountain terrain, over frozen lakes and in gentle valleys with white birch. We arrive at the mountain, Suosjavrre Fjellstue, in the late afternoon.  

Day 3:

Today’s leg takes us to one of the best places on the Finnmarksvidda Mountain Plateau, Mollisjok Fjellstue. This mountain lodge is situated close to Finnmark’s largest lake, Iesjavre. Today’s leg is 25 km and weather and snow permitting we will take a trip towards the centre of the mountain plain before we check in at the mountain lodge. There is the option here of a sauna accompanied by an ice bath in the river outside (must be pre-booked).

Day 4:

We cross over Lake Iesjavre on the way back to Jotka, the same mountain lodge as we stayed in on the first night. Today’s leg is approx. 30 km in open mountain terrain.

Day 5:

On the final day, we retrace the same route as on day one, the difference being this time we descend. There are many challenges descending the steep hills. If the weather is favourable, we will take a detour and drive up to the edge of Sautso for a spectacular view of Northern Europe’s largest canyon and the Alta River.

The tour ends back at the kennel in the late afternoon, conditions permitting.

+47 78 40 30 40